Alexander Rose Portofino Metal Extending Garden Table 1.5m/2.7m x 0.9m

The Alexander Rose Portofino Metal Extending Garden Table is perfect for holding parties outside or indoors. It easily adjusts from a standard 1.5m length (can comfortably seat eight people) to 2.7m lengths, giving you an extra 1.2m of space for extra food or extra people with room for four extra seats!

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Availability: 240 in stock

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The Alexander Rose Portofino furniture collection is one of our most successful collections of the decade and offers style, simplicity, and value. With mild steel and fine powder-coated wire mesh, Portofino epitomizes contemporary city life. Precision is the hallmark of this collection, which is not better demonstrated by how intricate meshes and structures blend, incorporating lines, shapes, and patterns in their designs.


Height: 740mm

Width: 900mm

Depth: 1500mm -2700mm


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