Alexander Rose Acacia Broadfield Wooden Bench 4ft (1.2m)

This 4ft Alexander Rose Sherwood Broadfield Garden Bench is a beautiful wooden bench with a curved back and armrests for added comfort and support.

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Availability: 472 in stock

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The perfect fit for any garden with all the look and build quality you would expect in an Alexander rose, our Acacia collection is the perfect addition to any garden, no matter where you live or have a limited budget.

We appreciate that each garden has its unique shape, style, and size, so we created some of our most popular designs using less expensive materials and no less expensive. The wood grain is very straight and has almost no nicks making it the perfect choice for garden furniture.

The Broadfield wooden bench is sturdy and measures 4ft.


Depth: 58cm

Height: 87cm

Width: 122cm

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